13.8 billion! Hainan FTP signed the first batch of projects in the new year

On February 27th, the signing activity of key projects of Hainan Free Trade Port in 2021 (the first batch) was held in Hainan YingBing Hotel. A total of 34 high-quality projects (6 foreign-funded projects and 28 domestic funded projects) were signed, with a total investment of about 13.8 billion yuan.


Fruitful Results

The main venue signed 15 projects, Sanya, Yangpu, Qionghai, Wanning, Chengmai, Tunchang and other 6 sub-venues signed 19 projects through Online meeting.

China Post Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hainan provincial government. Key foreign enterprises, such as Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., Xindafu Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd., and Jiacheng International Logistics Co., Ltd., have also successfully settled in Hainan.

This year, Hainan will continue to hold the signing activities of five batches of key projects, including "4.13", "6.13", "8.13", "10.13" and "12.13".


New opportunities for the development of Hainan FTP

number of new market entries doubled

In 2020, Hainan will have 310,200 new market entities, with 30.86% growth than last year, including 149,000 new enterprises, with 113.71% growth than last year.

The structure of market entities has been continuously improved. In terms of industry categories of the national economy, the number of new market players is mainly concentrated in wholesale and retail, information transmission, software and information technology services, leasing and business services, accounting for 73.33% of the total number of new market players. In terms of key industries developed by Hainan Free Trade Port, tourism, modern service industry and high-tech industry, the three leading industries, increased by 34.68% year-on-year and accounted for 292,700 new market players, accounting for 94.36% of the total number of new market players.

Actual utilization of foreign capital was doubled

In 2020, Hainan used foreign capital of US $3.033 billion, up 100.7% year-on-year, "doubling" for three consecutive years. The number of countries and regions investing in Hainan increased by 40, doubling growth than last year. The top five sources of investment for foreign enterprises are Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore and Canada.

In 2020, 1,005 new foreign-invested enterprises were established in Hainan, with a year-on-year growth of 197.3%. At the end of December, 855 foreign-invested enterprises have been set up in Hainan, accounting for 85% of the total for the whole year, since the release of the General Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

The number of talents brought in has been doubled

In 2020, Hainan were introduced 122,000 talents, up to 177% than last year. Since April 2018, a total of 208,000 talents of various types have been introduced, 657% more than before, and the first phase of the action plan of "One million talents in Hainan" has been successfully achieved.

Hainan has implemented the talent development strategy of "introduction + training”. In terms of foreign talent introduction, enjoy the personal income tax preferential policies of high-end talented person listing management interim measures and management method of practice and foreign personnel policies such as take measures for the administration of professional qualifications test, study and formulate the foreign standards for advanced short of talents, set up overseas talent offshore base, innovative undertaking comprehensive attract various talents to participate in the construction of free trade port in Hainan.

The amount of Duty-Free shopping has been doubled

In 2020, the annual duty-free sales of Hainan's leaving store totaled 27.48 billion yuan, up 103.7% year on year. The actual duty-free shopping personal were 4.484 million, up 19.2% year on year. The number of duty-free shopping items was 34.1 million, up 87.4 percent year on year.

At present, the number of duty-free shops on Hainan's leaving stores has increased to 9, and the number of operating entities has increased to 5. The duty-free shopping on Hainan's leaving shopping has formed a new operation pattern of comprehensive competition. Duty-Free leaving shopping passengers can choose to directly mail the duty-free goods home after purchasing them. The duty-free goods purchased before the leaving can also be picked up after returning to the island, which further improves the duty-free shopping experience on the leaving shopping.

(Origin:Hainan FTP Offical)