Rare minerals
Jadeite minerals

Only professional mining technology would provide the best materials. Burma is one of country that have jadeite minerals.

A typical deposit is the emerald deposit in the olive rock formations of north-eastern Myanmar, which has a mining history of more than 500 years and from which more than 95 per cent of the world's jade comes from. The amount of chromium ions (Cr 3 plus) of the main component minerals in jadeite and the amount and distribution of other colored minerals decide the color of the jadeite. Therefore, Jade can be divided into many varieties according to color, transparency and structure.

Myanmar's jade deposits have been heavily mined, but the all-around gravel of alkaline mono-slope boulders in the Ulong River basin near the primary mine remains the main source of high-quality jadeite. In addition to Myanmar, similar deposits are found in Kazakhstan, Russia and Guatemala, but not as high quality as those produced in Myanmar.

Rare earth mineral

Myanmar is one of the world's most mineral reserves of rare earths, which are a boost to the development of the high-tech industry.

Rare earths are the general name of the 15 elements of the zirconium system and the 21st element, 39 element xenon (a total of 17 elements). According to the differences and similarities of its physical and chemical properties, it can be divided into three groups: light rare earth group (zirconium), medium-rare earth group (sic), heavy rare earth group.

More than 250 rare earth minerals have been found, of which about 50 to 60 have industrial value, the most important rare earth minerals are fluorocarbon (zirconium) ore, monolithite, phosphate ore, ion adsorption-type rare earth ore, lignite ore and so on. The luster of rare earth metals lies between silver and iron.

Most rare earth metals are sub magnetic, radon is more ferromatic than iron at 0 degrees C, and niobium, are ferromagnetic at low temperatures. Pure rare earth metals have good conductivity, so they become the darlings of electronic high-tech products.

With twelve year’s developments in Burma, we have the advantages in minerals industry and try to create our minerals international trade industry.